Is My Baby Ready for His Own Bed ?!?

Is My Baby Ready for His Own Bed ?!?
(Written on: 3rd December,2009)    

QUESTION: Assalamu Alaikum Sister. Marsha’Allah what a beautiful site for us musllim parents to have as a guideline in our lives. I have a 9mth old baby and he refuses to sleep through the night and in his crib. When we think he is sleeping and tried putting him in the crib he gets up crying, so he ends up sleeping on the bed between my husband and I. Also he’s been getting up every 2hrs in the night to nurse and then falls rite back to sleep. I am pregnant and I don’t get much sleep at nights, I am tossing and turning to make sure I don’t squash me my baby and also making sure the blanket doesn’t cover his face. Is this a phase my baby is going through or do I have to buy a bed from now for him? [Sleepy Mummy, Trinidad (Thursday 3rd December, 2009 9:20 AM)]


Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

Well, yes it could be a phase; maybe clinginess from teething, changing sleep patterns in terms of how deep he sleeps (which would obviously interfere with that transfer from bed to crib or rocking chair to crib). It can also just be that he’s tired of the crib…He might be trying to tell you that “the bed is more comfy mummy!”

When my eldest son went through this we had a little wooden bed downstairs from when I, myself, was a baby and we brought it up just to try it out. Alhamdulillah the crib became a clothes hamper after that. We got him a nice ‘grown up’ mattress, to fit that single sized bed, which would also be better for his back. So what I recommend sister, is that since he is at that ‘I don’t like the crib’ stage, and you are willing to buy a bed, and a bed would become necessary in the future either way, you should get him the bed one time Inshaa Allah!

What you do, is get a bed with rails at the base and top(bed-head), jam it against the wall and jam your bed against his bed. You nurse him to sleep on his bed and just roll over onto your bed to sleep. That will help maintain the romance between you and hubby, will give him the nice comfy mattress he wants, and you wouldn’t have to keep getting up during the night to walk to the crib. If he wake up at all, you can just roll over and nurse him back to sleep Inshaa

Other important points to note:

– Full you baby’s belly with a nice filling dinner before bedtime…This is to ensure that he doesn’t wake up hungry. Bread and grill cheese with milk, cereal and milk or something like these are all good choices.

– Get your baby’s breastfeeding down to twice a day. Limit it to only when you are putting the baby to sleep. I will be putting up an article soon entitled “Breastfeeding Two Babies at Once” and a coinciding article entitled “Breastfeeding while pregnant”. This will give you some tips on how to cut down on the breastfeeding for your older baby before the new baby is born Inshaa Allah. It will also ensure that you give your child the full two years as this is what Allah(swt) has prescribed.

Have fun bed shopping with the hubby!!!

 May Allah(swt) grant us all the stamina we need as parents.. Ameen…

 Yours Truly,


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