Baby Gourmet!


“Cause every meal should make Baby go ‘Mmmmmm..More Mummy!’…”

For centuries and all around the world, Moms have been ‘Spicing Up’ their baby’s foods! There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that bland baby foods are better. In India curry spices are commonly used in baby foods from a very early age. Thai families use coconut milk, lemongrass, tamarind and even chili to flavor their baby foods. Latino babies are given a wide array of tasty herbs and spices such as cumin, cilantro and even chili peppers! So why then can’t we make our baby’s first meal just as delicious as ours?!!? In 2008, the AAP released a report stating that there’s probably no reason to wait to introduce allergenic foods until your baby reaches a certain age. “There is no evidence that delaying their introduction prevents food allergies,” says Frank Greer(a pediatrician and former chairman of the AAP Committee on Nutrition.

Are You Ready MOM?!?!

– Click here for some yummy puree ideas!!!

Click HERE for some ‘BITE-SIZED’ FOOD plates (for older babies)!!!


Below is a great video on how to prepare, serve and/or store HOME-MADE babyfood:-

How to Make and Store Home-Made Baby Food

(Under construction! Original gourmet baby-food ideas coming soon!)

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4 thoughts on “Baby Gourmet!

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  3. How tasty, lol, concerning the advice on exposing children to allergenic foods, id like to add that its important especially in the first two years of life that kids be reasonably exposed to common bacteria, in soil for example (playing in the grass and dirt) it helps the immune system to properly distinguish between environmental (external bacteria) and what exists internally, it prevents auto immune diseases where the body basically attacks itself. so in addition to introducing specific foods, let the kids play outside a bit (within reason of course) It would go a long way in developing a healthy properly functioning immune system which should be paramount and priority. on that note, coconut milk is really yummy and great, loaded with saturated fats that the growing child needs. I recently discovered the wonderful flavour fenugreek (Mathie) adds in my oats. That’s the same seed used in curry powders and is great for estrogen regulation amongst other things.

  4. Thanks a lot for your contribution Javed!!:) Very very important points here. Love the one on outdoor bacteria. Outdoor play and exposure to the elements, within reason, is EXTREMELY important to a child’s development in more ways than one. An important one to mention as well is the incredible benefits of pro-biotics being introduced to your child’s diet from the very beginning. There are great alternative baby cereals now available. Check out the brand “Happy Bellies”. Really yummy and really great alternative for the rice and oats cereals on the market these days.

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