Becoming a First-Time Parent

Becoming a First-Time Parent

(Written on: June 25th, 2008)

These are some of the words people use to describe parenthood:-
-time consuming

Here are some other words people use:-
They Are All Right!!!

Being a parent is a beautiful, chaotic, heart-warming, terrifying& yet insightful masterpiece. A complex masterpiece or painting is something only the artist can truly understand. Similarly, parenthood is something you have to experience for yourself to be able to truly understand and appreciate it. It’s an art…

To all the new mothers out there, always remember that patience is the key to successful parenting. Be patient, he/she is only a baby, they are not making you pull your hair out on purpose.

The reason a baby may cry so much for you to pick them up or whatever else, is not because he or she hates you or is out to get you, it’s because they love and are attached to you. They are dependent upon you and they need you. Doesn’t this give you a sense of worth and purpose?

Just remember that when you grow old, and you become dependent on others to take care of you, your children should be the ones you turn to. You did it for them, and if you do it without complaint, they will Insha Allah return the favor lovingly. This is the way life and family are meant to be. These burdens we bare are far outweighed by the joys we experience as parents.

“For some people patience is a gift, for others patience is a task. But just always remember that as a mother patience is a must!”


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