Cleaning C-section Scar

 Cleaning C-section scar after  Removing Stitches…
(Written on: 31st January, 2010)

QUESTION: Assalamu Alaikum. Do I clean the c-section cut after I take out the stitches? What do I look out for? My doctor did not tell me what to do…I use some alcohol to clean it right now…I also developed gestational diabetes in my pregnancy….[C-section Mummy, Barbados (Sunday 31st January,2010)]

ANSWER: Wa Alaikumu Salaam Sis’! I’ve consulted a reliable sister who has undergone two c-sections/caesarean sections under general anaesthetic. What she and her doctor recommended was that:-

1) The stitches were removed which means the cut has been sealed. Thus everything should be okay from here on out Inshaa Allah…

2) What you can do at this point is shower as usual, but still be gentle with the area as it will still understandably be sore. Thus do not apply pressure on it when soaping, etc… Give the area time to heal and restore itself internally.

3) Although things may seem okay on the outside, you mentioned you had diabetes. It is a known fact that diabetic women do not heal as well as others after surgery and the chances of infection are much higher. Thus, yes, it is important that you clean the area carefully and maintain it well.

4) However, you shouldn’t use anything too harsh to clean given your particular scenario. While you are at this transition time of ensuring that everything is healing well and 100% sealed properly, avoid the concentrated and harsh chemicals…The sister I consulted advised (and her doctor advised) that you dilute a little Savlon with water and just pour it over the entire scar. Gently pat it dry and let it air dry thereafter. Don’t rub or irritate it as you need to ensure that the area has healed properly and you don’t want to risk infection at all…I researched this myself and have found that “things like peroxide and alcohol  have a very drying and irritating effect on the skin and may actually slow down the healing process”. They are also known for killing off healthy tissue. So, Inshaa Allah, it would be better to dilute the Savlon.  When bathing though, wash the area with unscented soap during your recovery phase Inshaa Allah:)

5) Look out for any strange odor, redness, high fever, bleeding, oozing, tearing, swelling or changes in appearance to your scar. If you notice anything strange, ANYTHING AT ALL,  call your doctor and have her take a look Inshaa Allah..

I hope this was helpful!!!

“May Allah(swt) grant the c-section muslimahs a quick  and speedy recovery…Ameen…

Yours Truly,


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