Cost of Living vs. Having many children

Cost of Living vs. Having many children

(Written on: 28/04/2013)

QUESTION:- Asalaamu alaikum Sister. Hope all is well! I met you in uwi while I was studying and I must say you always had determination to have a large family. I’m sorry to hear you are faced with such contempt from people regarding having a large family. I agreed that we are encouraged to have a lot of children and we should ensure they are given the patience, time and Islamic upbringing ( Just like what you are giving them). I have a daughter and I love her dearly. I am bombarded though with my mother in law comments regarding the cost of raising more children. It drives me nuts when people only say children are costly. But personally i think it allows careful spending and prevent extravagance. I really hope Allah makes this easy for you and May all your little ones become steadfast in the deen InshaAllah. Ameen. [ ‘Bombarded Mummy’: Sunday, 28 April 2013 06:16 PM]


Wa alaikumu salaam:)

And May Allah(Swt) bless you for your kind comments and support.  You’re quite right about what you said though. Having children only helps ‘responsible’ parents take their budgeting a lot more seriously. People tend to forget that sustenance comes ONLY from Allah(swt) and cost of living has nothing to do with it. My husband and I have seen this over and over again in our lives. The finances appeared from the strangest of places just when we needed it and not a moment sooner or later than it was meant to…Alhamdulillah.

Faith is an amazing thing…an incredible lesson and reminder. It allows you to see miracles happen every day right infront of your eyes! When people stress about money all the time, they miss things… It makes you incapable of seeing past your own nose and you don’t see the mercies that Allah(Swt) has blessed you with in so many innumerable ways;)

It’s of course important to ‘tie your camel’ and not expect money to grow on trees. BUT once we do our best, be our best and work hard inshaa Allah, we need to have faith that HE will do the rest! Nothing is possible without Him;)

*The Prophet (sal alahu alaihi wa salaam) said: “If only you relied on Allah a true reliance, He would provide sustenance for you just as He does the birds: They fly out in the morning empty and return in the afternoon with full stomachs.”[Ahmad, An-Nasaa’I, Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim and At-Tirmidhi who said: “Hassan sahih”]

*“And Allah is the Giver of Sustenance for all.” [Sūrah al-Nisā’: 85]

*Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to offer the supplication: “O Allah! Provide for Muhammad’s family what will sustain them.” [Sahīh Muslim (1055)]

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “Cost of Living vs. Having many children

  1. I agree that we need to do our best, work hard and have faith. Allah provides for all his creatures in the entire world ! But what has mankind done with such provisions? Mankind has caused us to have scarce resources, and we do live in this world system. It is not that the Lord did not provide, but we have scarce access to because of man ! Humans were given a brain to think too, and I personally do not want to wait for finance to just come from ‘strange places’ if I have an emergency like a sick child. Like it or not we have to be prepared for children. Your children are going to need a proper education , property to inherit etc. They are not going to be the cute babies forever- and they all cannot live in one room. Its like – let God determine how muh children we should have, but then use science, medicine and technology to keep a premature baby alive? Islamic upbringing by all means- but they need to survive in this world, and if there parents were fully prepared to have them it would reduce their frustrations and increase their ‘life chances’. Right now, we need to ahve a degree to get a clerical assistant job, so what is it going to be like for our children if we cannot offer them something sturdy?

  2. Assalamu Alaikum…Thank you for your contribution Cooksie;) Let me give you an example of what I mean by ‘strange places’. It’s hard for us to grasp, because we have been raised in a society where everything revolves around the ‘dollar’. We are always and constantly worrying about money…but there are many ahadith about this; having total and complete faith when it comes to ‘sustenance’ from the Almighty. We must be careful of thinking we have any control over this…. Okay so some examples, from personal experience, of the Almighty blessing us from the strangest of sources. When I was pregnant recently with my 5th child I was until that moment and purely “private hospital or nothing’ kind of person. But for some reason Allah(Swt) put it in my head to give birth at a natural birthing centre. Mys husband and I are not very well off and a private hospital is very expensive. It turned out that the birthing centre ended up being half the price…what was even more amazing was that when my baby was born she needed to be immediately admitted to an ICU as she was born with TTN. The location of my birthing centre just happened to be located only 1 minute away from the best and most well equipped ‘ICU’ in Trinidad. It was also free. Can you imagine what our bill would have been had we given birth at a private hospital??!!? There were so many belssing surrounding that one event that I can’t even count them….and this is only one of the many examples we have seen in our lives and in the lives of friends and relatives close to us that showed that Allah(Swt) really takes care of His servants once they have faith…unconditional, untainted and unwavering faith;) regarding, Regarding the statement you made sis about “but then use science, medicine and technology to keep a premature baby alive? “.It is imporatant to remember that this ‘science’ is not seperate and apart from the creation of Allah(Swt). Without Allah(swt) these teachnologies would be unavailable…these are all blessings and mercies from our Creator;) Jaza Kallah Khair for your contribution;)

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