Does each Delivery get Easier?

 Does Delivery get Easier each time?!?
(Written on: 3rd October,2010)    

QUESTION: Salaam Alaikum. I looove reading your blog mashaallah… So sis, now as you’ve done it four times, would you say it gets easier as you have more children? Like with length of labor and crowning etc? Jazaak Allahu kahir…[‘Totally Interested’ (Sunday 3rd October, 2010 7:00pm)]


Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

First of all, thanks so much for that review on Azizah’s Blog!!! The response to the blog has been great!!! It’s wonderful to know that my readers are benefiting from it and enjoying themselves! Jaza kallah Khair sis!

Now to the ‘BIG’ questions Inshaa Allah! And this sure is a popular topic that many moms-to-be wonder about! Many love the idea of having many kiddies to raise, nurture and call their own, but fear of pain and the ‘delivery’ itself is what scares so many away from having more than one or two kiddies.

To answer your question now… I am obligated to first tell you the phrase most doctors would tell you, which is that “Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different and thus every delivery is different”. So to say that the pain would be less each time…not such a good idea…because this depends and can be affected by soooo many things. But of course, you asked me my personal take on things, so I will do my best to answer from my own experience on the matter Inshaa Allah and what I’ve learned thus far…

If you have been fortunate enough to have completely natural and healthy deliveries each time, this would make things significantly less complicated. For most women, delivery of this type usually gets quicker and quicker each time if in fact you’ve had a history of ‘quick’ deliveries like I have. You tend to dialate quickly, the pains/contractions progress quickly and before you know it, your little one is on his/her way out and you’re a new mummy all over again!

But when it comes to your question on the ‘pain’ part of it, where you asked ‘does it get easier?’. This is difficult to answer, because ‘pain’ is a relative term and this totally depends on the woman and her ability to tolerate pain and even her mental/emotional state at the time of delivery. I, throughout my life, have always had a high threshold for pain. I’ve always had the ability, Alhamdulillah, to seperate myself from pain through concentration and trained myself to do this as a teenager (had a theory and was determined to prove it through many ‘pinching’ competitions with my brother and even my husband in the early years)…it may sound silly I know…but I’ve always considered ‘physical pain’ a ‘state of mind’, and if you ask yourself ‘what is pain?’ while you are having pain, which is what I actually did during labour (my husband thinks I’m nuts and I don’t blame him!:p) you tend to feel it a lot less…So I guess I used labour as the ultimate method of testing my theory. LOL:p

So it really all depends on the mummy, her emotional state and how well she knows herself and her body. This will significantly affect her ability to ‘push through the pain’ (no pun intended! lolz:p)

In the end, as a bit of personal advice based on personal experience, PRAYER REALLY WORKS!!! It does, it does, it does!!! It helps with the pain, I’m very serious! There is nothing in this world that can help you like prayer. Other than that, bring a special comfort item with you to the delivery room. In my case, it’s my big ‘Squishy Pillow’. It gives my back all the support I need and has my children’s scent on it, which calms me during labour. Also, bring your husband! Holding his hand, getting back rubs, kisses, hugs and comfort during this time is better than any ‘pain med’ they can give you.

 Hope this was helpful sis’!!!

“May Allah(swt) bless all Muslim mothers who bear these burdens with acceptance &  faith… Ameen…”

Yours Truly,


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