Excessive Vomiting

 Excessive Vomiting during Pregnancy…
(Written on: 4th January,2010)    

QUESTION: Assalamu Alaikum. I am approximately 12wks pregnant and I feel nausea everyday and I vomit almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. To top it off I have the cold bad. Since I got pregnant I have been losing weight more since I got the cold. My question is will my drastic loss in weight affect my foetus in any harmful way? (I know its a medical question…sorry) wanted to know your thoughts. [Upset Mummy, (Monday 4th January, 2010 11:55 AM)]

Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

Well… yes…to be honest this is a medical question and one you should definitely see your doctor about. But I can however offer you some reassurance and tips that may help in the meanwhile.

I asked my doctor once if being too skinny would affect my foetus. He said that weight is not something he puts a lot of emphasis on because once your body is not rejecting the pregnancy, then you are not severely under weight. What this will affect is your calories, your ability to breastfeed afterwards and your body itself. Remember, when you are pregnant, you baby is kind of like a parasite, in that it will pull whatever it needs from your body. But it is now up to you to replace what the baby has taken and that’s where the problem is as you are vomiting often.

Vomiting will not affect the baby directly per say, but it may affect and damage your stomach lining and your level of nourishment if you don’t monitor it properly. Be sure to notice changes in the colour. If you are vomiting green this is the bile from your stomach, and if you start to see a reddish-brown colour that looks like coffee grounds you need to contact your doctor immediately. Go straight to the hospital and they may have to put you on drips to make sure your body is nourished properly. (These coffee gorund may mean you have developed a pregnancy disorder known as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’. Please ‘google’ this disorder and read about it as this may lead to dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, significant weight loss etc…

In the meanwhile, if there are no weird colours in the vomit, you NEED to take care of yourself properly. You need to keep yourself on a strict diet that will keep your stomach settled. Thus, no more pizza and KFC. If you want to get better, ensure that you are healthy and well-nourished, do not stray at all with the following guidelines Inshaa Allah:

1) Stick to a diet of very bland foods:- jello, crackers, toast, plain noodles, rice, baked or mashed potatoes, boiled or scrambled eggs (particularly boiled eggs, do not be picky! you may surprise yourself how well this stays down) and bananas.

2) Eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper and dinner. Instead of eating three large meals, eat these five portioned(smaller) meals. This will help your food to digest quickly. The less time food stays in your stomach the better Inshaa Allah.

2) Eat slowly and avoid certain foods that are acidic, highly fibrous, spicy, fatty (such as meats, raw vegetables, etc).

3) Also avoid extremely hot or cold foods.

As for the cold and flu, I always tell people (and  air condition lovers are usually very unwilling to bend) that ‘warmth’ is the key!

” May Allah(swt) grant you ease… Ameen…

Yours Truly,


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