Finishing School After Giving Birth?

Finishing My Degree After Giving Birth…
(Written on: 17th December,2009 and Edited on:22nd April,2013)

QUESTION: Salaam Alaikum. Azizah would you advise a Muslim mom to continue going to U.W.I. (finish a degree programme)after she gave birth? I’m not talking about myself, but I just want to know what you think. [Interested Mummy(Thursday 17th December, 2009 9:40 AM)]

Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

Yes! I highly recommend that sisters completed their degree(s) and education. There is no reason that even after you complete your initial degree that we ladies can’t further our education if we so desire. The internet has made online degrees and these options easier and easier Alhamdulillah!

Getting an education is very important in this world because if Allah(swt) wills that something should happen to your husband it is important that you are secured and qualified enough to get a suitable job to support yourself and your kids until you get married again; if this is what becomes necessary.

Also, having a ‘high education level’ also helps you school/train your children properly as they progress  in their schooling. It will give you the ability, Inshaa Allah to teach them their lessons, help them with home work and a degree will open your eyes to many new things and give you the opportunity to observe many new people. This in itself may impact greatly on the way you perceive yourself, the world and assist greatly in the way you approach mummy-hood.

When you as the parent, have a clear understanding of how the world works, you will be better able to protect your children from the evils of it and introduce them to the good in it Inshaa Allah…

I say this from personal experience, because after A’ levels I got married(which I highly recommend and so do the scholars) BEFORE tertiary education. I went to university and in my second year I got pregnant with my first child. I went to school and ended up having the baby in semester break, Alhamdulillah! Then about one and a half weeks after birth and in my final semester of third year, I had gone back to school to complete my degree. It was difficult as I had a tearing after labor and stitches ‘underneath’. But Alhamdulillah I pulled through it and by Allah(swt)’s will I was able to finish my degree programme!

So if you have helpful parents or people who would help out with the baby, by feeding them expressed breast-milk from you or whatever the baby is drinking, then yes, by all means, finish the degree Inshaa Allah!

Now, after reading my take on things, please note that I do not mean to be-little or assume that not having a degree makes a woman any less of a mother. But to tell you the truth, and this is from my personal viewpoint and others who have gone through the system, that having a degree to a large extent does make motherhood a lot more manageable. It’s not necessarily the certificate itself but the things you learn and processes you go through to get that certificate is what I am talking about. The following is why I believe a degree is important Inshaa Allah:-

– It creates an incomparable level of organization skills that I know I wouldn’t not have otherwise had.

– It gives you patience and a ‘keep at it’ attitude that will follow through in all other parts of your life.

– Seeking knowledge in a group/public/social setting introduces me to so many different kinds of people. And it shows me people’s strengths, weaknesses, the traits that fed them success and caused others to crumble.

– It give you that extra insurance policy Inshaa Allah, so that if anything happens to your husband you will be able to find a suitable job to support yourself and your children if such a thing becomes necessary.

“May Allah(swt) make it easy for the studying moms… Ameen…”

Yours Truly,


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