Baby Won’t Stop Eating

My Baby won’t Stop Eating!!!
Written on : 7th January, 2010    

QUESTION: Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, Azizah. Well from reading your other advices, I gather that you are a mother to 3, Masha Allah. Now, I have 1 little boy, and I want to know if this is normal behaviour. He is 13 months old, and everything I’m eating, he wants, I mean I don’t mind giving my son, but I’m afraid that he go outside of the home and ‘begs’ for food/whatever someone’s eating. And the other thing is, he even puts out his hand like he is begging. I know that he doesn’t be hungry because even with a full tummy, he still ‘begs’. By the way, he doesn’t do this to my husband, and my hubby says that I should just ignore him, but I cant just leave my son to cry for food, that’s just bad, so how can I get rid of this problem, or should I just leave it as is? [Exhausted Mummy, Trinidad (Thursday, 07 January 2010 10:07 PM)]

Assalamu Alaikum,

Now I must say….I chuckled a little when I read your question. Not because I’m laughing at you sis’, but because this sounds all too familiar :p When my second son was that age he was exactly the same way. I was very worried about it. Sometimes he would stuff his belly so much, begging for my food and drink, that he would throw up a little and I knew it was because he overfilled himself. Give me a little history on your baby boy Inshaa Allah. Is he the chuffy/chubby/solid body type, maybe not talking too much yet, a little clinging to you when he was born, etc?

You see, babies find comfort in different things. And seeing that he is only one year old, his comfort activity may very well be eating and snacking. He may enjoy it so much that he wouldn’t know when to stop. This is particularly present in babies who like to play alone or are a little introverted. He’s still young so you don’t have to worry too much yet. He’s the age where he’s adopting different habits and this behaviour is usually habitual and not necessarily cause for concern medically. I asked my doctor about this when I too was worried and he said those words to me. And it so happens that he was right. My son turned out just fine, although he still loves juice and can’t get enough of it. And this is still okay because it’s purely instinctive for him to see a nice cold juice pack and want to open it and drink it, cause there’s not much else you can do with a juice pack. Although, when I hide the juice packs on the top shelf, he wouldn’t bother to think about the juice.

“Out of sight… out of mind…”

So until your baby is old enough to understand “No more baby” and why he isn’t allowed anymore, which should be around two to three years old, you have to practice the “Out of sight… out of mind…” rule Inshaa Allah. As overfilling yourself can lead to obesity and may also affect your ability to breath properly and this may lead to respiratory problems in the long-term. But that’s unlikely as this is probably just a phase Inshaa Allah.


1) For the three major meals of the day, do what I do, eat with him. Do not have your meals separately. He is one year old, thus he can eat adult food now. Whatever you make for yourself, make the same for him and put it on the same plate (if he’s that picky) so that he’ll think he’s eating your food.

2) When he is harassing you at snack time, be sure to have lots of healthy snacks around. Some good options that are not too filling but will suit his needs are: Gerber organic/normal puffs (finger foods), mini-cereal boxes, Gerber Graduates Biter biscuits, crackers, mini-marshmallows as a rare treat, Oreo 100 calorie snack packs (not very expensive), sticks of cheese & olives, etc.

3) Don’t always hand feed him. This may actually be the reason this problem is becoming difficult for you. This is because you now have to take a lot out of your time to do household stuff and feed him during his ‘begging’ moments instead. Buy him a colourful bowl and fill it with a few treats for him to pick up and eat on his own between meals… You see, when he’s doing the feeding, his ‘snacking time’ will take a lot longer, which gives you more time to move around and do what you have to do. This will also make him feel a lot more independent. And independence is a key factor in getting him through this phase.

4) If you are having a glass of something to drink outside of mealtime HIDE! I’m not joking! I actually had to hide and drink my juice. I took sips when he was not looking and paid no attention to the cup when he was looking. If you don’t pay attention to it, he won’t either;)

Warning signs:
– Be sure to mention all of this at your next doctor visit.
– If he is showing signs of obesity then you should see your doctor about it. But if he’s just a solid/chubby little thing, he’s active and playful etc, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about Inshaa Allah.

 Sisters, tell me how it all works out Insha Allah!!!

Yours Truly,

…Comments from My Readers…

“Assalamu Alaiykum, well according to his pediatrician, he is above average, since two months of age! and he is very clingy to me ( and this was suppose to be my other question for you but I didn’t want to bother you too much) . So my son is really clingy, he doesn’t give me a chance at all, no joke, if I sit , he cries, if I am up , he’s not crying…what to do!!??? its really frustrating. I am up writing this email at half 3 in the morning becasue he’s awake! huh…Thank you very much Azizah! Jazaakillahu khairan!” [Exhausted Mummy, (Friday, 08th January, 2010 3:25 AM)]


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