Hormonal & Indecisive

Feeling Confused, Indecisive & Hormonal…   

QUESTION: Dear Azizah, “I can’t figure out what to eat! The things that I love turn me off one minute- and then the next minute I want it again….so confused….” [Babygenious, Trinidad (Wednesday, 11 November 2009 9:36 AM)]


Assalamu Alaiykum Sister!
First of all congratulations on your pregnancy and as for the question, this is a hard one because you are at that phase where you feel indecisive and confused, so now I have to attempt to break this common yet complicated ‘pregnancy code’! Lucky for you though, I went through this in all three of my pregnancies, so I do have a few suggestions that may help Insha Allah. I’ll start with the cliché ones and then move on to some unique and original ideas:

1) Eat less and more frequently. Like instead of three big meals, eat five small meals, that add up to the same amount of course, throughout the day Insha Allah.

2) Go shopping with the husband and stock up on little healthy snacks (like cereal bars, nutra-grain, etc) to snack on between meals and at the times when you feel nauseous and undecided on what to eat (make sure you have a few very different tasting snack options). This will also ensure that you get the nutrition you need.

3) This may not apply to all women, but in my experience, salty rather than sweet tasting things usually alleviate nausea symptoms. Like peel some pomsité (not overly green)/green guava/plums and sprinkle a little salt on it. I guess you can call this ‘chow’ without too much pepper(if any). This always settled my stomach and opened my appetite for a big meal.

4) I always recommend drinking wheatgrass at least one-three times a day, as it satisfies all your nutritional needs for that day, normalizes bowel movements(as constipation is a common problem with many pregnant women), it is a very alkaline drink thus it helps alleviate any acid burn you may get from certain foods during pregnancy & is excellent for nausea. Read More on wheatgrass…

5) I will never give away a woman’s secret weapon to getting ‘strawberry cheese cake and lobster dinner’ by saying that this ‘indecisive feeling’ is entirely ‘a state of mind’. Because in reality, it is an uncontrollable hormonal thing that you just can’t help feeling sometimes. You husband may say “Your pancakes taste a little bland today” and you may just start crying waterfalls thinking he hates your food and has been lying to you about your pancakes all these years. It may sound insane, but that’s what pregnancy does to you sometimes, so tell your hubbie I said ‘May Allah(swt) have mercy on you..Ameen”. I’m not exaggerating cause that ‘pancake story’ is compliments yours truly. If I wasn’t pregnant, St.Anns(Psychiatric Hospital in Trinidad) would probably have taken me;)

6) Take your time….Just sit back, take a deep breath, relax yourself and just start eating your meal. Eat portioned and separate meals, because having something all mixed up in front of you may upset you. Why?…Because “The pumpkin is touching the channa and I hateeeeee channa!!!!I can’t do it! I can’t eat the pumpkin anymore!” Need I say more?

7) Eat in a smaller sized plate. You may deceive your mind into thinking that the food is not all that much to eat after all.

8) Keep a bottle of Tumbs at your side at all times. The calcium in Tumbs will be of benefit to you as well.

“Sisters, write me back anytime Insha Allah and let me know how things work out!!!”

Yours Truly,


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