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QUESTION: Assalamu Alaikum Azizah. I am a new mommy and I am LOVING every moment I spend with him.  My son is 8 months old and I still haven’t lost my baby weight.  I get tiny hints that I am fat and also I am being compared .  it is driving me nuts. My husband loves me no matter what I look like, but I would like to lose the weight.  Any suggestions. [Fat Mama, Trinidad (Monday, 09 November 2009 12:19 PM)]

Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

You’re the first sister to write me on this topic so congrats! But I won’t address you as ‘Fat Mama’ as this is just mean:p. So let’s see, you gave birth to a little bundle of joy, but he left the bundle behind? Well this is one of the greater challenges of the post-partum period. This is mainly because this is also the source of energy loss for most mothers. I mean, try running around the house for towels, baby clothes, rocking the baby, filling the bath, mixing the bottle , cooking dinner and then having a full basin of ‘roti-dough’ strapped to your belly at the same time. It’s not easy ladies! Then to make matters worse, some of us have our mothers, mothers-in-law, relatives & sometimes even our husbands comparing us to how we use to look and insist that we magically transform back to this.

For all sisters out there, I won’t tell you to be angry with these people or to go ‘one-on-one’ with them and insist that they stop, as this would waste both your time and theirs. Half of the world’s population, I’m sure, consists of judgemental, cruel & critical people. Thus, show them that you are unaffected by their comments by simply ignoring them (easier said than done, I know), but at the same time, show yourself that you are capable of regaining your energy levels, youthful appearance & appeal by losing the weight. Do this for yourself, you health, your children & your husband and for no one else. And of course, in the end, as an ‘unimportant side benefit’ you would quiet down the people that are driving you nuts.

*Here are some tips you can try:- (These are based on my personal experience & have worked!!!)

1) Eat less between meals & drink more healthy fluids. Mainly water!

2) Nutritional Supplements – After pregnancy, snacking less is very difficult after you spent 9 months indulging! But there are safe products that can help retrain your body how to eat & nourish you at the same time even if you are breastfeeding! Three square meals a day OR 5 rationed meals (adding up to the same amount for easier digestion), calcium supplements (for breastfeeding mothers particularly), wheatgrass drink between meals (this helped me loose up to 20 lbs of stubborn fat that just didn’t want to go away after my first two babies).

3) Full-time Breastfeeding – Significantly helps with weight loss & has numerous health benefits!

4) Exercise –  I know this is hard for busy mummies & this should not be done for up to 4-6 weeks after baby is born (as this would put excessive strain on your body), but there are little things you can do throughout day.

– Run/quick walking on treadmill for 5 minutes everyday or 15 minutes every other day. Do this during one of your baby’s naptimes if possible (NOTE: If baby is awake put him/her in a highchair to watch as treadmills are very dangerous.

– When you get into routine, you can do 10 girlie push-ups & 20-25 crunches/sit-ups. Take your time to get use to this as your stomach muscles are very soft easily strained after pregnancy. Start with 5 a day and increase the amount everyday

– When you go to the beach, take a run with kids down the beach; wear sneakers.

– Instead of bending over to pick up toys, bend with your knees & stoop down, keep your back straight

– You lie down, put the baby to lie ‘belly down’ on the tops of your shins with your knees in the air and give him a ride up and down, forward and back, etc. Great form of exercise for your legs & abs.

Sisters, write me back anytime Insha Allah and let me know how things work out!!!

Yours Truly,


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