Making Eid Fun for the Kids…

Making Eid Fun for the Kids…    

Assalamu Alaikum,

So I know parents are always looking for little ideas and thrills for the kids. Well my project for past three years was getting the kids to understand the importance of Eid and how unnecessary the ‘other’ celebrations that the kuffar celebrate are; as we live in a westernized world. I think we’ve achieved that here at home… so here are some tips

(1) Talk to them about the two Eids throughout the year. Use phrases like:

– “You are sooo lucky to be Muslim”
– “Allah(swt) has really made you special’ and
– “This day is sooo special and fun!! It’s like one big party day full of treats, visiting the masjid and so many fun activities….” etc...

(Make sure to change the pitch of your voice to show them how excited you are about it and they will be excited too.)

(2) Wrap a bunch of Eid presents (it’s all about the gift paper), doesn’t matter what the present is or how much it costs, just make sure it’s cute enough for them to like, and make sure the gift paper is very colorful and glittery. Then, about a week before Eid, put all the presents in one room/space that they are not usually allowed to go into, and every time they behave well, tell them, “For behaving sooo well today, let’s go for a walk in the special present room/space, but remember, these presents are only to open on Eid Night so you can touch with only one finger for now”. You would not believe the response! This will make them anxious about Eid night and teach them patience and good behavior all week at the same time.

(3) Decorate the place with balloons for Eid! Balloons are cheap and very effective in making a place look festive and fun!

(4) The day before Eid, let them help you make little treats to hand out to family and friends on Eid day! (get a pack on very small plastic bags, let the kids help you fill them with 3-4 sweets or toffees or something, and tie it with a nice ribbon.). You can go around to all you family on Eid day and give out the little parcels and let kids help you give them out. This will teach them to share and give them a feeling of accomplishment knowing that they helped you make those parcels.

(5) Buy a really nice little toy and find a very poor Muslim child. Go to their house, and let your child give them this present and give them Eid greetings. This will teach them about charity, being selfless and taking care of the poor from a young age.

(6) Help your kids make glittery Eid cards for mummy and daddy and grandmas & grandpas! Let them sprinkle the glitter!
“Hope all you mummies and daddies have a wonderful Eid day with your little ones insha Allah!”

Yours Truly,


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