Missed Period?!?

Missed Period? What does it mean?!?
(Written on: 16th March, 2010)    

QUESTION #1: ASalaam Alaikum. Azizah, sister to sister talk, I’m really worried, I haven’t had my period in 2 months, took about 5 HPT’s and all came back negative, from first response to clear blue…has this ever happened to you? Is it normal? I am so worried..had a lot of stress recently though, maybe its the cause but still want some sisterly advice..:) [‘Extremely Worried’ (Monday 17th May, 2010 3:55 (PM)]

QUESTION#2: Salams.Azizah, is it possible for a young healthy woman( 20) to miss her period and not be pregnant? Has this ever happened to you? [‘Baffled & Wondering’ (Tuesday 16th March, 2009 1:59 AM)]

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is not only possible, but it is also ‘fairly’ common to many women; as there are many reasons a woman may miss one or two cycles that are completely unrelated to pregnancy. Below are a few possible reasons. You should explore each one in this particular order as it is important to always rule out the most obvious possibilities first:-

1) Pregnancy – Do a HPT and rule this out from the very beginning Inshaa Allah

2) Using the birth control pill, herbal supplements or other new medications – Introducing new drugs, or supplements, can interfere with your body chemically and upset its usual cycle. Always discuss new medications with your doctor; their risks and possible side-effects.

3) Hormonal Imbalance – This is the leading cause of a woman missing her period( if she’s not pregnant). This may cause you to miss one or two cycles, or may even be the result of a previous delivery and your body simply trying to work itself back out to its regular routine. Some women (including myself) do not see their period for up to one year after delivery. Although if you haven’t recently delivered a baby and your cycle just suddenly stopped, you should see your doctor if you miss more than three cycles.

4) Stress – Stress can affect your body in more ways than one. Changing homes, losing your job, depression, etc… can significantly affect your cycle and cause you to miss one or two periods. This usually works itself out when you work yourself and your emotions out Inshaa Allah.

5) Sudden change in diet, exercise or significant weight loss – Have you ever heard that many women who do gymnastics, or are anorexic, stop seeing their period. You see, a sudden chance in your exercise routine or a sudden loss of weight may put a strain on your body, thus inhibiting your body from functioning in the way it is accustomed to. Thus it is essential that, as a women, you try to be as gradual as you can in everything new that you do. A woman’s body is fragile and must be treated with care and managed in moderation.

WARNING: If three or four months has passed and you do not see you period, or are starting to see worrying physical signs that something may not be right, see your doctor/gynaecologist to ensure that there are no serious underlying medical reasons as to why this is happening to you Inshaa Allah:) Always better to be safe than sorry and always better to solve the small problems before they turn into big ones:)

 “May Allah(swt) continue to grant you patience and ease… Ameen…”

Yours Truly,


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