Multiple C-Sections

Multiple Caesarean Sections (C-sections)…
(Date of Interview: 04/05/2010)

Brief Intro: This interview was conducted between myself and a Muslim sister from Trinidad. She has been through the trauma of having multiple c-sections and has decided to share her experiences and the trials she has faced during her recovery, for the benefit of others Insha Allah. May Allah(swt) bless her for this charity…Ameen. She has also chosen to keep her identity confidential, but if you would like to send her a message, you can send it to my e-mail and I will forward it to her for you Insha Allah.

Azizah: “Assalamu Alaikum”

The Sister: “Wa Alaikumussalaam wa rahmatullah”

Azizah: “Were you full term for each of your caesarean c-sections?”

The Sister: “For my first C-section, no, I was about eight months pregnant. For the second, yes, it was full term… thirty-eight weeks.”

Azizah: “What prompted the doctor to make this call each time? Why wasn’t the labour natural?”

The Sister: “For the first c-section, my baby had already died in the uterus, so after about six hours of labour without much progress, we decided to do a c-section. This was because of the emotional trauma I wanted to avoid with having natural birth…”

Azizah: “If you were asked to describe the pain or compare it to something, what would you say?”

The Sister: “Hmm…that’s difficult. The pain is really excruciating…. especially for the first one… since you don’t know what to expect. It’s is probably like a knife cut through your belly..although it really did! (she laughed a little here)

Azizah: “Did you have full or partial anesthesia done?”

The Sister: “I had full anesthesia”

Azizah: “What role did your husband play each time?”

The Sister: “For the first time, he was allowed to be in the operating room with me, although I was unconscious, because of the circumstances at that time. For the second one, he was not allowed in. But he was there before and right after, comforting me and helping to ease my fears…”

Azizah: “Do you think you could have done this without him helping through the recovery? If not, why?”

The Sister: “Oh Subhanallah! No! He was my right and left hand man! After the first c-section, it was like learning to walk, sit, and just move all over again! My every move, I needed his help. Plus it would have been very difficult to see after the second baby without him.”

Azizah: “Was the pain more bearable the second time?”

The Sister: “Oh yes, definitely! The second time, I went in knowing what to expect… I reminded myself of the pain from the first time. So it was not as bad.”

Azizah: “How was your recovery mentally, physically and socially each time?”

The Sister: “Well after the first time, recovery was a bit long. It was difficult for me, especially because I had a c-section, and no baby came home with me… Also not knowing much about a c-section the first time made it more difficult. Alhamdulillah the second time was much better for me. The pain did not seem so bad, and I was able to walk around faster and not be afraid to do things like I was the first time around.”

Azizah: “Would you and your husband like to have more children? If not, why?”

The Sister: “Yes Inshaa’ Allah. Not sure how many more though. Allah Alone knows”

Azizah: “Is your second ‘Caesarean Baby’ healthy & active?”

The Sister: “Oh yes he is! Mashaa’Allah, very healthy and active!”

Azizah: “How did your surrounding family respond to these events?”

The Sister: “They were very supportive. Especially after the surgery…”

Azizah: “What advice do you have for other mothers or mothers-to-be out there who are about to have a c-section?”

The Sister: “I would say, just try to ensure that there is a fair amount of help ready and waiting for after the surgery Inshaa’Allah. It will be needed and it will be a great help! Trust in Allah and know that going through a c-section is a test from Allah. And with every bit of pain that we go through, Allah forgives us some of our sins Inshaa’Allah. So know that there is good in everything…”

Azizah: Jaza Kallah Khair for participating sis’!!! (The sister and I spoke off the record thereafter)

Yours Truly,


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