Al A’ilat


“Al A’ilat Magazine was a non-profit venture and project of It was aimed at supporting and motivating Muslim families in Trinidad and Tobago to mend, nurture and build stronger bonds within the home, by providing informative articles and fun filled pages that are in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah, and by conducting several charity projects that both positively and directly affected the Muslim community (Inshaa Allah)…Three pilot issues were sent out for free distribution at several masaajid around both Trinidad and Tobago, but the venture itself was indeed quite costly and while we would have loved to continue the Al A’ilat mission, much of the funds earned by sponsors would have had to go towards printing costs.  We would like instead for the majority and/or ALL of the fund raised to go towards the charity projects involved in the creation of each issue. Thus Al A’ilat will indeed surface again in the near future Inshaa Allah in the form of an E-Magazine or E-Newsletter;) This will also be a service to advertisers/sponsors as the fee would be very low and affordable to pretty much anyone!! Click on the links below for online versions of the first few issues(please allow each link a couple minutes to load):-






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