Santa-Clause?!? Muslims having Christmas??    

This is to both muslims and non-muslims…

I beg of you to stop this silly fable you tell your children about ‘Santa’: Yes… that jolly imaginary guy in red that supposedly lives in the North Pole.

Why do parents do this?

Let me explain the various dangers of this ‘myth’ and the injustice that parents are doing to their children:-

1) They are teaching their children, at a very very young age, that parents are very good liars (they will come to realize this once they become smart enough to figure out that Santa is NOT REAL!

2) They are teaching Their children that nothing is wrong with lying to people once it makes them feel good about themselves. It’s okay to deceive children to get them to behave properly. Really??

3) They teach Their children that Santa can “Always See you and hear you” he can “tell if you’ve been naughty or nice”. You give Santa all the attributes of God Himself!!! You make your children afraid of displeasing Santa and afraid of what Santa might do if they behave naughty throughout the year, that is he will put black coal in your ‘Christmas’ stocking.

Astaghfirullah: Oh Muslims, this is shirk ! Please do not teach your children this falsehood…

4) Most parents generally think their kids are too young to go to mosque, but instead they teach them this fable. They teach them about Santa instead of God. WHAT ARE PARENTS DOING???

If the children can believe in a fat unseen character, why in the world would people come to the conclusion that they would not understand the concept of God. God is unseen, He knows what you are doing, He will be displeased if you are naughty. All the things that this mythical Santa supposedly does, are original attributes of the Almighty Himself. Why are parents teaching their children about a ‘lie’ instead of filling their heads with the fear and love of God at such a tender and important age.

Now to Muslims in particular, Santa = Shirk, so please stop this…stop hanging up Christmas trees, stop having ‘Christmas’ dinners and stop celebrating this holiday that originally started off with pagans and as a Carnival of the streets full of drinking, fornication and lewdness of every kind. It is NOT the birth of Jesus (Prophet Isa: May Allah(swt) be pleased with him) and even the church knows this.

Oh Muslims, leave off this western tradition. Stuff this idea of Santa in a box and tie it with a knot so that he never gets out again.

“May Allah(swt) Help us……Ameen”

Yours Truly,


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