Starting Baby on Solids

Starting your Baby on Solids…
(Written on: 28th December,2009)    

QUESTION: Assalaam u Alaikum. My Son has just started his 5th month and I’m thinking it would be about time to start him on solids in a little while Inshaa’Allah. Can you advise me on what’s best to start him with, e.g. What should I get in the grocery? [Umm Abdul-Aziz (Monday 28th December, 2009 3:52 PM)]

Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

Well the general health standard is that a baby should be at least six(6) months of age before you start the solids. Reason being that ‘new studies’ have shown, that starting baby with solids at too young an age will increase their chances of developing food allergies. But every baby is different. And sometimes they will show you clear signs that they are ready for food at five(5) months; which is still an acceptable age to start Inshaa Allah. All of my sons were like this. They gave clear indications that they were ready for something other than breast milk before six(6) months of age. For example, they would be staring at me and smacking their lips while I was eating, my second son started teething at five(5) months old, they would be restless at night, only waking up to nurse (a full belly of cereal kept them asleep all night or at least ¾ way through).

So it all depends on your baby. If he seems interested and is showing a clear desire to eat what you’re eating, give him a little piece of something soft, dry and neutral and see how he handles. Please remember that your baby should be able to sit up comfortably or at least have complete control of his head and neck before you start feeding him anything other than milk. As lack of control over your neck can lead to choking.

IDEAL Flow:-
– Start with single grain cereal; like Gerber rice cereal (you can add breast-milk or formula to it for a familiar taste). Make it very watery at first!
– You can simultaneously start the fruits & vegetables (pureed) [1-2 servings of cereal, 1 serving of fruit & 1 serving of veges per day when he evens off)
– At 7 months old you can start introducing him to boiled egg yolk.
– At 8 months he can eat cooked food like you (but take your time with this as his stomach will need time to adjust to the oils, butters and other complicated ingredients).

Observe his stool and bowel movements throughout all of this. Once he is digesting well and going off every day you can introduce meats to his diet Inshaa Allah.

“May Allah(swt) make this transition easy for you… Ameen…”

Yours Truly,

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