Teaching your Kids about Bidah

 Teaching your Kids about Bidah…
(Written on: 02nd April, 2010)

QUESTION: Salaam Alaykum. I know that there exists a lot of bid’ah in your country , how do you educate your kids and inform them that this is wrong and not from the sunnah bearing in mind they are exposed to this in their environment and it is the majority that are involve in bid’ah practices ? And on a larger scale, how will you want to try to educate the wider Muslim parents population about this innovation that is wrong and not from the sunnah and it is important to teach their kids the foundation of the sunnah at an early age ? Baarakillaahu feek…[Umm Abdilazeez, France (Thursday 1st Aprli, 2010 12:10 PM)]

Wa Alaikumu Salaam,

Yes there is a lot of bidah in this country and very much by the majority groups who claim to represent the muslim community in this country; which makes things even more difficult. But fortunately this religion really has been perfected for us and the answers lie right there in the sunnah and in the words of the Rasool (sala allahu alaihi wa salam).

As with what the Prophet(sal allahu alaihi wa salam) said, my husband and I teach our eldest (and the others Inshaa Allah when they are of age to understand) that “Allah(swt) said that there are 73 different groups of Muslims, but only one group will get to go to heaven.” Then our son would ask “which one??” and we would tell him “The one that listens to the Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet(salallahu alaihi wa salam)”

We continue to tell him, and we do this on a regular basis so that it is cemented into his mind that “That is why you see sooo many muslims doing all kinds of crazy things that mummy and daddy don’t do. They do lots of extra things that the Prophet(sala allahu alaihi wa salam) did not say to do and things that Allah(swt) warned them not to do! These things are called bidah or innovations. And you know what Allah(swt) said about innovations???” (then you give him a concerned, serious, worried kind of expression)

“Allah(swt) said that every innovation is in the hellfire!!! But we don’t want to go to the hellfire do we?? ….” (and of course he will say “No way mummy!”)

Then we explain that “Although you may see many muslims doing things like celebrating birthdays, celebrating christmas, listening to all kinds of crazy music, singing strange songs in groups, etc, that doesn’t mean that they are correct. Just because a lot of people are doing something doesn’t mean that it is good. And just because something may look pretty or beautiful, doesn’t mean that it’s good and right. Islam is very very easy and simple. All we have to do is follow what Allah(swt) and the Prophet(sala allahu alaihi wa salam) said to do and forget all the extra stuff and we’ll get to be with Allah(swt) one day Inshaa Allah! We’ll get to go to that place with gardens and rivers of milk and that most beautiful trees and anything we could ever ever want as our reward!!!”

With regards to your second question on “how will you want to try to educate the wider muslim parents population about this innovation that is wrong?”…I wasn’t sure if you meant me personally or parents down here in general. As for me personally, that is why I have started this website. So that when parents come to me about these things, which they do very very often, I answer them based on my experience and give them little step by step tips as they are currently in the situation of not knowing what to do next. Because fighting off bidah, especially when it is within your own family circle, is as I said in our previous conversation, very very vicious and difficult here….people need constant support, because you are treated like an outsider in your own family when you don’t conform to their ‘ways’ and ‘customs’. My husband and I were fortunate to have parents that were open to knowledge and not closed-minded in this way. But the majority of youth today are not so fortunate…

My intention is to be like a helping-hand or a supportive shoulder for parents who are trying to manage a proper and islamically correct family in a very confusing society. My aim is to give social advice for everyday family life and source authentic Islamic knowledge and evidences for them (as I am not qualified to do this on my own) Inshaa Allah. The internet is a very effective tool down here depending on how you use it. There are also many masjid classes now that have teachers who are upon the sunnah. We send our son to this every Saturday so that the correct Islam is further cemented into his heart amongst other children like him who follow what he follows…Alhamdulillah.

I hope this was helpful Inshaa Allah…

“May Allah(swt) grant you ease as I know you come from a difficult country… Ameen…”

Yours Truly,


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